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The San Diego Society of Clinical Hypnosis is a San Diego County community resource for hypnosis, operative since 1955. We are licensed clinical health care professionals who use hypnosis as a therapeutic tool in our practice.

The San Diego Society of Clinical Hypnosis is a component chapter of the national organization, the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.


Our purpose is:

  • To promote the ethical use of hypnosis in the helping professions.

  • To provide information on the clinical effectiveness of hypnosis for specific issues.

  • To direct the public to certified licensed professionals who have specific training and specialties in treating such issues (Read more on Brief History of Hypnosis)

  • To promote the value of hypnosis being accepted as an important tool of ethical clinical psychology, social work, counseling, dentistry, medicine, nursing and scientific research.

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    Member discussion group focused on sharing news about hypnosis research, pose questions for group discussion, and present case questions for feedback. Also, a place to post member events and professional activities.
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